India’s Toy story

Indian toy market is expected to double in 6 years: Estimated at US$ 1.5 Billion, the Indian toy market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% between 2023 and 2028, to reach US$ 3 billion. Factors driving growth: Toy Exports 3x in last 7 years Several government initiatives have led to steady growth […]

How to choose a kick scooter for children

The wide variety of brands, styles, and features available for kick scooters might be overwhelming for individuals who are prepared to make the financial commitment. Which kick scooter, then, ought to you get for your kid? Here is a shopping guide and checklist. Three wheels or two wheels? Kick scooters generally come in two primary […]

Safety Tips for using Kids Scooter

Prioritizing safety is essential for kids scooter riding, especially for children. Following safety guidelines and ensuring proper buckling are crucial for preventing potential accidents. Utilize a Well-Maintained Kids Scooter Make sure your kids scooter is in good working order every time they get on it. The likelihood of an accident or injury increases if he […]

Quality Control at Bidso

The following article aims to demonstrate how Bidso makes sure that every shipment satisfies exacting quality requirements. To execute a great Quality Control System, Bidso leverages the following: Product and Manufacturing Understanding: An in-depth understanding of the product and its manufacturing process helps us identify the different aspects that need to be tracked & monitored […]

Children’s Ride-on Toy: spare parts replacement

Depending on the particular ride-on toy, replacement spare components for children’s rides might differ. Nonetheless, you could require the following often found replacement components for children’s ride-ons: Batteries: Rechargeable batteries are frequently needed for ride-on toys, and they may eventually need to be replaced. Replacement batteries made especially for different ride-on toys are available. Wheels […]