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Choose from our existing catalog & customisations, or work with us to design & manufacture new models exclusive to your brand.


Our innovative approach, curated manufacturing network, and state of the art capabilities deliver a market beating value proposition

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Efficiency, consistency, and transparency, across the entire value chain, at scale, with a comprehensive software platform

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Quality products at great value delivered to promise

Sourcing products  for your brand  poses many challenges. 

Identifying the right product, finding the right supplier, and negotiating the best value for your product is just the start.

Ensuring reliable operations, and consistent quality for every shipment is just as difficult, if not more. 

Bidso is your ideal contract manufacturing partner. We make it easy and reliable to source products for your brand.

Efficiency in action

How We Work?

Bidso is a tech enabled contract manufacturing platform for outdoor toys. 
We make it easy & reliable for brands to source from Indian manufacturers.

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Choose from our existing catalogue of ready-to-ship products or work with us to jointly develop new products exclusive to your brand.

Technology Enabled Approach

In-production milestone updates, and live multimedia QC reports by our field team ensure that the time between order & delivery is transparent.

Delivered to Promise

Our detailed product specifications & golden samples help ensure that the end product is exactly matches what you have ordered.

Industry Leading Value

With our curated manufacturing network, we can provide you with the best commercial terms, while ensuring all necessary compliances & certifications.

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